Manuka Honey

The star among the honeys! Manuka honey was valued by the Maori for its special properties thousands of years ago and is now known worldwide as a particularly valuable food.

Frombee Manuka Honig MGO 400


Manuka Honey can be used both as a food and applied externally as a remedy ointment. This special honey is best consumed in its pure form. Simply let a teaspoon of Manuka honey melt on your tongue in the morning and / or in the evening Manuka honey can also be used as a high-quality ingredient in smoothies, shakes, cereals etc. (but do not heat the honey!).

Manuka honey unfolds its unique natural properties when used regularly! Manuka honey can also be applied to the skin either pure or mixed with other ingredients.

You can find many application examples and recipes in our blog. We have to point out that these are only examples and case reports on the use of honey. The food law and the EU directives do not allow any health claims for Manuka honey.

Frombee Manuka Honig MGO 400
Manuka Blüte Frombee


Frombee Manuka honey comes directly from New Zealand as a pure, unprocessed raw material, straight from the hive. The honey is obtained from the nectar of the New Zealand South Myrtle (Leptospermum scoparium also called Manuka or tea tree). The Manuka tree honey contains a special, unique ingredient called methylglyoxal (MGO) in up to 100 times higher concentrations than other types of honey. Manuka only grows in the mountainous regions of New Zealand and Southeast Australia, which makes this honey a true rarity.

We check the quality, origin and purity of the honey several times, both in the origin and here in Germany, before we fill the Manuka honey into jars in our packing facility near Hamburg.


From nature to you! We mean it that way. We want honest, high-quality honey without any compromise!

We work with an accredited honey laboratory to ensure that the very best Manuka honey ends up straight in our jars. We check parameters such as

  • MGOcontent
  • Country of origin
  • Pollen content (botanical origin)
  • Purity
  • Residues

You can find more information about quality assurance here.

Taste & texture

Taste: sweet, ethereal, fruity, tart

Color: light to amber

Consistency: gelatinous to creamy-crystalline

Smell: typical of honey, spicy

Frombee Manuka Honey is a natural product that can be subject to natural variations in consistency, color and taste. Honey is not suitable for small children (under 12 months)!