Forest Honey

Forest honey belongs to the class of honeydew honeys. It is produced when bees collect the finest honeydew drops from the needles, leaves and branches of forest trees and use them to produce this dark, tart and aromatic honey.

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Various insects live on forest plants and feed on plant juices. They suck the tree leaves and needles, leaving tiny droplets of sweet honey dew. Bees collect these sugar-containing droplets and – like the nectar of flowers – transfer the juice into honey in their beehives.
The result is a honey that has a lower sugar content of “only” approx. 50-65% and a significantly higher mineral content (up to 8x higher) than typical blossom honey. This Frombee forest honey comes from the forests of South America, mostly from Argentina.

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From nature to you! We mean it that way. We want honest, high-quality honey without any compromise!

We have our honeys analyzed by an independent honey laboratory before it ends up in our jars. We check parameters such as

  •     Botanical origin of honey (pollen analysis)
  •     Country of origin
  •     Purity
  •     Sugar composition
  •     Diastase content

You can find more information about quality assurance here.


Forest honey is a true gourmet honey with a special and intense taste and can be enjoyed in many ways!

Taste: aromatic, tart, malty

Colour: red-brown to dark brown

Consistency: viscous

Aroma: honey-typical, spicy-malty, resinous note

Frombee forest honey is a natural product that can be subject to natural variations in consistency, colour and taste. Honey is not suitable for small children (under 12 months)!