Orange blossom honey

The white flowers of the evergreen orange trees are the source of our orange blossom honey and give it its light citrus note and lovely sweetness.

Frombee Orangenblütenhonig
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Orange blossom honey is a variety-specific honey. Bees collect mainly the nectar of orange blossoms to produce this honey. From its botanical origin, our orange blossom honey is lovely sweet with characteristic fruity notes.
Orange blossom honey is also known to contain a variety of antioxidants.
This honey comes from the home country of the orange trees: Spain.

Orangenblütenhonig frombee


From nature to you! We mean it. We want honest and high quality honey without any compromise!

That is why we have our honey analysed by an independent honey laboratory before it ends up in our jars.  Among other things, we check parameters such as

  • Botanical origin of honey (pollen analysis)
  • Country of origin
  • Purity
  • Sugar composition
  • Diastase content

You can find more information about quality assurance here.


First things first: Orange blossom honey (unfortunately) does not taste like orange.

Flavor: intense, sweet-aromatic, fruity

Color: light, yellowish-orange

Consistency: liquid to creamy-firm, crystalline

Smell: floral, like orange blossoms

Frombee orange blossom honey is a natural product that can be subject to natural variations in consistency, color and taste. Honey is not suitable for small children (under 12 months)!

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