Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey is definitely an extravagant type of honey. The source of this distinctive honey is the flowers of buckwheat, which is native to Asia

Frombee Buchweizenhonig, 500 gramm, cremig


Buckwheat honey is a traditional honey primarily coming from the many small buckwheat flowers. Buckwheat – contrary to what the name suggests – is not a grain but belongs to the knotweed family. Buckwheat is a traditional crop and medicinal plant and originally comes from Central and Eastern Asia. Our buckwheat honey comes from Inner Mongolia, high in the north of China.
Buckwheat honey is naturally crystalline and firm. The honey has a rustic smell and taste. Its intense, dark color and caramel-like, nutty aroma with earthy roasted notes make it a real gourmet honey. With its distinctive character, it is ideal for refining sweet and savory dishes.

Frombee Buchweizen Biene Blüte Honig
Frombee Buchweizenhonig


From nature to you! We mean it that way. We want honest, high-quality honey without any compromise!

We have our honeys analyzed by an independent honey laboratory before it ends up in our jars. We check parameters such as

  •     Botanical origin of honey (pollen analysis)
  •     Country of origin
  •     Purity
  •     Sugar composition
  •     Diastase content

You can find more information about quality assurance here.


Distinctive and rustic – buckwheat honey is original and unusual. Something for connaisseurs and honey lovers!

Taste: Intense, caramel-like, nutty, earthy roasted notes

Colour: reddish-brown to almost black

Consistency: firm and creamy crystalline

Aroma: typical honey, intense, spicy-rustic

Frombee buckwheat honey is a natural product that can be subject to natural variations in consistency, colour and taste. Honey is not suitable for infants (under 12 months)!

Buchweizenhonig Geschmack würzig kräftig herb