Frombee4Bees charity bracelet

Frombee4Bees bracelet: 10% of the earnings from each bracelet will be donated to the wild bee project of the German Wild Animal Foundation.

Frombee Armband Blau Gold

Your contribution to saving the wild bees!

The project to protect and promote wild bees, their habitats and biodiversity has been running since 2015. From its origin in Hamburg, activities have now started in Berlin and Munich as well. The project creates habitats for wild bees. The focus is on promoting year-round flowering and the provision of suitable nesting sites.
With our bracelet we support the preservation of wild bees in Germany!

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    High quality handcraft

    The coin is manufactured and minted in Hamburg. It is made of gold-plated or silver-plated brass and bears the Frombee logo. ‚Frombee‘ is embossed on the back side oft he coin.

    The bracelets have a nylon cord and are knotted and packed by hand in Northern Germany.

    Available in blue or pink with a golden bee, and coral or petrol-colored with a silver bee.

    To enjoy the bracelet as long as possible, treat it gently and protect it from water!

    Elegant gift packaging

    Our Frombee4Bees bracelet is packed in an elegant black cardboard jewelry box, placed inside on a velour foam cushion.

    Ideal as a gift for any occasion. The bracelet is adjustable from approx. 15-29 cm by sliding knots and thus fits almost any wrist.

    Frombee, Armband, Biene, Gold, pink, rosa, handarbeit, guter zweck, Handgelenk

    The subtle eye-catcher

    The statement for environmental awareness and nature conservation! With our bee on your wrist you are setting a statement for the preservation of species and the protection of our native wild bees. Help us and become a part of the project!